Sunday, 8 June 2014

Saka Dawa Guru Rinpoche Day ~> breathing the Love-Light

June 8th
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Staying on center, taking care of self (and family), and finding the balance within makes it easier to deal with tricky encounters. With Sun in quicksilver Gemini stimulating the mind, and the reflective Moon in harmonious Libra, ‘The Lights’ now illuminate the intellectual Air element, suggesting it’s time to skilfully influence and balance our thoughts. One of the fastest ways to harness the constantly moving mind is through breathing, as the ancient teachings tell us 'breath is mind's vehicle to Spirit'. Consciously working with the breath soothes the heart-mind to restrain negative emotions, as well as maintaining internal harmony by clearing emotional or psychic knots within the subtle body.

With the Moon next to Mars fiery emotions can quickly rise – and exhaust. While it’s true passion can energize, anger depletes positive karma in one fell swoop. Struggling with aggression or other negative emotions which eat into the bank of karmic merit is unnecessary when you can positively motivate and energize by taking two minutes out of the day to concentrate upon breathing: Doing so quickly calms and controls the chattering monkey mind, increases vitality and focus, and generates an inner peace that relaxes both mind AND body. And it’s so easy to instantly tune into the natural conscious intelligence that surrounds us and imbibe ‘prana’, the universal holy life force of ‘Air’ ~> Go now, find a comfortable spot where you won’t be disturbed for a few minutes: Breathe in for the count of 5, hold for 5 and exhale for 5…

…and note how much more in your flow you can become.

In the approach to the Karma-Multiplied Full Sagittarius, wisdom-seeking Moon, today (Sunday) is also the day in my spiritual tradition that we honor the holy Lama (within), who is laden with good qualities.

With courageous Mars next to the Moon also suggests we can bravely acknowledge how to manage our lives to live in peace and harmony, specifically by walking the Dharma path, putting the Buddha’s teachings into practice. __/\__

Love & thanks to Tulku Jewels for BuddhaChakra artwork __/\__

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