Sunday, 25 August 2013

Dynamic Spiritual healing ~> 25th - 28th August 2013

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The Spirit of the purifying Virgo Sun is currently boosted by the healing qualities of fleet-footed Mercury, Virgo’s ruler. As well as being the planet of wheeling and dealing, Mercury represents the kind of mental pacts we make with ourselves, particularly in regards to the healthy nurturing of mind, body and soul. A difficult Mercury placement can signal ignorance and/or negative thought processes. However, the winged messenger is now exalted in exacting Virgo, so Mercury is in the best possible place to be, to make this an optimum time to assess the benefits of a sensible lifestyle to look after oneself: positive thinking and healthy diet being the starting point of any remedial therapy.

For the next few days, both Sun and Mercury are also involved in the Sacred Six-pointed Star formation, galvanizing the curative Medicine Wheel (which began early July). And while these two planets now directly oppose spiritual Neptune, at home in visionary Pisces (exact Mercury opposition today, with the Sun opposite Neptune on the 27th), the power of visualization and working with unseen energy is magnified. Awareness of the invisible field of consciousness emanating unconditional love and bliss can be made manifest and utilized for practical purposes. Through prayer, meditation, yoga, dance, music and art (etc), Neptune in Pisces dissolves ordinary boundaries, taking us into uncharted astral realms (of the imagination), to align with the Divine, as well as highlighting the subtle energies that flow in and around the heart-mind and body (chi, bio-energy).

This cosmic connection creates an earthly perspective: Even if we cannot completely overcome suffering or cure disease, a positive intention coupled with the right tools, view and understanding, can heal a flagging human spirit: note that to transform suffering into joy advances spiritual practice. As the Buddha says “Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts.” So the most important thing we can ever do is to cultivate a good heart, towards ourselves - and others.

Heal well my friends ~>
With love and thanks for sharing, and thanks to unknown artist for inspiring meditation _/\_

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