Monday, 28 February 2011

Goddesses Venus & Pallas Athena in Capricorn * Feb11

Dakini Day! _/\_♥ 
Only few more days before the six-planet line-up in Pisces for Losar 2011; and Loving GODDESS VENUS is now conjunct PALLAS ATHENE, whose emblems are the OWL and snake. There's been a lot of twit-twooing going down recently, with several divine beings simultaneously posting wise-owls!:) 

As both heavenly Goddesses are in practical and earthy CAPRICORN its time to boost the anti-oxidents and look after body and soul so we can tune into that Capricorn work ethic! :).

Venus also rules flowers and money, so I thought Pallas could share my two Athena coins and an early spring violet _/\_♥

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