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Tuesday 10 December 2019

Envision! Empower! Engage! Full Moon in Gemini Dec 2019

On this last Full Moon of the decade at 19°51’ Gemini 5:12UT 12th December 2019 ~> A Full Gemini Moon that culminates on the 12th of the 12th 2019 (=12!) numerically empowers with a triple enshrined number of completion – ‘12’: so fitting for the last Full Moon of the Year. And as the 20’s beckon – albeit tentatively with righteous caution, it is events and situations that surround this curious end-of-decade Gemini Moon that we discover and disseminate all kinds of info that could make sense of our current quest to keep the flame of hope alive. And while fakery abounds, a brilliant Gemini Moon reflecting the light of the truth-seeking Sagittarian Sun suggests we can also embody the wisdom of discernment and analysis to carry us into the clearer vision of the 2020’s.

From a view within our mind’s eye, most everyone has something to say about their vision of the future. Indeed, there are even ‘Fixed Stars ‘, (‘Mirzam’ and ‘Alehena’, on the destiny-fulfilling North Node) in this Full Moon scope that celestially encourages us to engage by stating our intentions to those we consider close trusted kin, and freely announce new ideas (to old projects) and forthcoming goals and pursuits. By airing thoughts, be they philosophies or proposals, we could also clear external (past-life karmic) obstacles and pacify internal confusion – thereby making it easier to go forward. With words that will easily echo beyond a powerful Dark Moon Solstice and a Christmas New Moon Solar Eclipse, we now enter into the first forays of that eclipse season, which comes to an end around the Chinese New Year, January 25th and the Year of the Metal Rat.

✰ But for this Full Gemini Moon there is a planetary plot twist that provides ample choice in this dualistic world, as the chatty Twins in their light-hearted inquisitiveness will conjunct asteroid Pandora at culmination (Wednesday night/Thursday (morning)), the mercurial nature of this Moon is compounded. Asteroid Pandora has a seductive quality. Pandora’s nature in the horoscope can be compulsive, towards expansion if not OTT in her indulgence. In Gemini, Pandora has an insatiable thirst for knowledge. A Full Moon that holds sway over our emotions with Pandora suggests relationships and situations could suffer unless we keep a lid on the not-so-agreeable facets of our life and personality. In Greek, Pandora means ‘all gifts’. Mythological stories tell tales of her carrying a box labelled ‘all gifts’, that when opened all the woes and wonders of the world fell out. Carried away by all of its contents, before all was lost Pandora sealed ‘Hope’ inside the box, i.e. no matter what goes on around us, inside our heartmind the gentle flicker of the flame of hope illuminates our path.

So let your inner-light shine during these holy days. Any careful strategy and planning put into place for the holiday season will certainly help one to have a stronger grip on truth, as well as exercise reasonable restraint and responsible reactions which are most especially prized – and called for, particularly when the bubbly sparkles and party sequins shimmer in the silvery moonlight. Because this is rather changeable Full Moon, with the sign of curious, versatile and persuasive Twins mirroring the brilliance of the far-seeing Archer, best stay in one’s flow, aware that all that glitters isn’t necessarily gold.

✰ Remain centred in the midst of change, with an open heart and mind, able to smile from within and be kind to ourselves and others by living up to our moral expectations. I say this partly due to a Mutable ‘T-Square’ that ramps up the Love Wisdom with ‘The Lights’, Sun and Moon, in a challenging, hard angle to compassionate Neptune, which is still at home in philanthropic Pisces – with a warning to beware collective confusion, half-truths, and charity fatigue: we are just over half way through this oceanic transit which ends 2026 and there are always more ways to give. Also partly said because Jupiter, the Sagittarian Sun’s sage ruler, has only recently left the wild roaming plains of the Archer, to traverse Capricorn’s professional highlands and explore the value of empire, state and law.

Still, this Mutable Square is a tough cosmic call for all, for the spiritual soul group as much as the trend-setting fashionista individual, often vacillating from wanting to save the world, be saved, or hide in shadows of their favourite bar; but it also suggests forgiveness is called for. And sacrifices may also need to be made when letting go of any lack of clarity, incoherent misinformation or toxic addiction. For a mystical moment we may feel the need to view the world through heart-shape specs, as though veils of glamour and delusion mistakenly compensate, when what we really need is to release our imagination instead, and bask in the beauty of the love that emanates from the heart.

✰ Remember, under any circumstance, how we are made of light and love, and each of us an integral part of a universe that always, no matter what, always supports us – although it may not always seem so at the time. This might sound crazy to those consumed by physical or emotional or intellectual karma and needs (all of us). But keep the faith. Even if faced with a metaphoric Capricornian mountain to climb, for a Full Gemini Moon mission when the adventurous Sun is in Sagittarius, the quest becomes ethically inspired by wanting to do the right thing by one’s conscience, all of which has a greater chance of success and to create a wealth of wisdom and virtue. Be brave – and flexible. Set your moral standard high. Know that during a Mutable T-Square and a Gemini Full Moon facts can and do slip. Ideas can also rip then ride the mental merry-go-round to create spin and/or bewilderment. Perhaps more importantly: be aware how thoughts currently have lighter angelic wings. What we think can now magically fly through the ethers into the great beyond, tracing and threading lacy gossamer trails of hopes and dreams that can manifest later into our ‘real world’ of personal time and space as ‘Divine Intervention’.

Einstein said it thus: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”
Be careful of what you now wish for.

✰ Also over this Full Moon, Sol’s present Sagittarian ruler, Jupiter and the left-field ‘agent of change’, Uranus, apply a decisive and easy, blink-and-you-might-miss-it, super-helpful ‘Trine’ connection. Aspects applying between expansive Jupiter and revolutionary Uranus are generally both exciting, overblown, and even more outrageous when aided a Full Moon. And although both planets are in slower Earth signs, solid Capricorn and furrowed Taurus, surprisingly fast change could zap into place December 15th, with friendship groups and social media a means of influence.
✰ Another aspect worthy of note is a regulating factor – a 150° quincunx from the Gemini Moon to Saturn, Venus and Pluto, together in Capricorn, it’s quite a powerhouse to communicate with. Keeping temptation at arm’s length, the Pandora Gemini Full Moon has A-list media connections with the Moon in Gemini to help keep informed, if not contained and poised, slightly passionate and intense; with the ramifications of choices and adjustments resonating as Luna wanes towards the Dark Scorpio Moon Solstice.

✰ As the Solar Solstice wheel turns, Luna she leans heavily upon the feminine mystique of the moment. And when the New Light King is reborn with the Christmas New Moon Solar Eclipse (25th-26th December) it truly marks the end of what has been a tricky teen decade for many, just as the karmic gates begin to open wide and a major time of transition begins, with this Gemini Full Moon heralding profound shifts in the coming weeks ahead, geophysical as well as within; consciously or not, but emotionally, physically, and even intellectually especially challenging for Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libra to show how happiness and harmony is self-generated. 

So from this Cancerian, ‘Happy Holidays everyone! See you in 2020!’

May all beings be happy and free from suffering!
And may all beings be at peace within and without…

Special thanks to Visual Alchemy for a Blast of Buddha Bliss
And to unknown artist for Buddha in teaching mudra, with the experienced Saturn finger on the Dharma Wheel and communicative Mercury finger extended.
With β„’β„΄Ρ΅β„― & light from Astro Dakini
© Laura Boomer-Trent

Monday 2 December 2019

❂ Astrological Vajra King of the Diamond Thunderbolt

Jupiter in Capricorn 2:12:19 ~ 20:12:2020

Jupiter, the astrological Vajra King of Thunderbolts, changes signs today December 2nd. Leaving home sign Sagittarius for another twelve years, the cosmic sacred guru, Jupiter, now moves into karmic Capricorn, where he stays until what promises to be a sparkling Winter Solstice 2020 – a whole year away. This year’s Solstice, 2019, sees Dakini Guru blessings. 

As the nature of Jupiter is to learn how to grow wisely, expanding horizons as well as minds, we now have a full twelve months to have a solid understanding of the professional and accomplished sphere in which the hard-working and dedicated Capricorn operates. Even if facing oppressive Capricorn harsh reality, Jupiter’s position is to maintain optimism and find ways around obstacles and through difficulties. Still, the karmic gates will open wide this year, for situations, people and events to come and go and display compassion in action, as well as ethical self-discipline and personal responsibility. 

Those born in 2008, 1996, 1984,1972, 1961,1949, 1937 are celestially singled out for success and luck. 

Capricorn is a practical, earthbound sign, to which the Sky God ‘falls’. And with Jupiter in Capricorn (joining powerful duo Saturn and Pluto) one learns to be tactical too, like a fatherly mentor knowing how to handle and make light of the density, especially that of desire. 

The Jupitarian Sky God’s first major astral connection is on the 15th December, just after Solstice Full Moon,12th December, in which Jupiter connects to Uranus, agent of change and ruler of space – and electricity – zapping into the New Year, thus clearing the air for 2020’s nominative determinism and a year of potentially super-clear vision. 

When Jupiter joins Ketu, the Dragon’s Tail, January 6th, a time of karmic transitions begins to mark once-every-thirty-five-year-events around the January Full Moon penumbral Lunar Eclipse, when peaceful emotions are more precious than striving for rank or status. Be warned: Jupiter’s presence in Capricorn can promote risk-taking among those seeking authority and prominence. And be aware that that no matter how calculated ones’ plans, only when they are based in love and selflessness will success carry you forward. Jupiter goes retrograde at 27° Capricorn, on May 14th, Thor’s day; going direct September 12th on Saturn’s Day (Saturn rules Capricorn), at 17° Capricorn. People with planets at those degrees (or opposite) could more easily tune into Jupiter’s magnetic qualities that magnify whatever it touches. 

May the Cosmic Guru’s blessings be with you all!
πŸ’œπŸ™♑️⚡️πŸ’« With β„’β„΄Ρ΅β„― & light and many thanks to artist Chelihl for Buddha mind in the cosmic matrix πŸ’œπŸ™♑️⚡️

Thursday 7 November 2019

✶ Insight Into the HeartMind ~ Taurus Full Moon Nov 2019

Full Moon Tuesday 12th November 2019, 19:51° Taurus @13:34UT

Insight into the Heartmind
For those who look up to the starry firmament and wonder why the brightest light in the night sky, our beautiful Moon, is often referred to in folklore and astrological parlance as the ‘Triple Moon Goddess’, well, this is the Full Moon for you. With an ‘exalted’ and still earthy, crazy intense, Taurean Full Moon, we could quite easily experience all three Lunar archetypes to full effect, with Maiden, Mother and Crone, the three faces of the Moon Goddess shining brightly against a twinkling starry background of interlinking relationships.

In what promises to be a deeply insightful and memorable three-night Full Moon, as events, people and or situations, initially display unpredictable qualities of hungry youth; peaking with passionate and profound, practical talents from creative maturity; age-old grand-mother wisdom associated with the powerful Lunar Triad pulls up the rear.  
This Full Moon begins with youthful initiative on the 11th, the determined but tender Moon sparking into action with unpredictable Uranus, accenting team spirit and group activities that can make this Full Moon seem initially rather random. Tending the metaphoric ‘Sacred Flame’ around hearth and home on the 12th kindles flickers of change and excitement, as asteroid Goddess Vesta conjoins the Moon as Luna culminates, highlighting the warmth and comfort of the central Motherly hub; Luna begins to wane on the 13th, entering into the closing moon phase to become the wise old Crone, experienced in her encounters with wild-woman Medusa (with her wisdom eye open) and the mesmerising seven sisters Pleiades (making it the Full Moon to weather forecast next season, i.e. if it is mild/cold/hot/wet/dry, then so will be Winter/Summer).

☆ Plus, the usually difficult to see, mercurial messenger of the Gods and planet of communication, Mercury, also deserves a special mention right at the start of this Full Moon report, as under the growing Full Moon beams the currently Retrograde winged courier forms an extremely rare and magical alliance on the numerically powerful portal 11:11, crossing the intense Scorpio Sun, Mercury occults the Sun, suggesting a hidden message comes to light which is very much on point.  

The Mysteries of the Silvery Moon
Before going into this marvellous Mercury transit a quick recap about the Moon, generally considered Yin and feminine. Thus the receptive Moon is ‘exalted’ in sensuous Taurus, because the Moon’s kind and gentle, nurturing qualities are best expressed in the sign of the Bull. A realistic Moon in Taurus lives for love, taking care of business to live a happy mellow life with ample money and romance, food and fun. This, then, is a Moon to also make sure one is remunerated accordingly for work done and time spent. 

Tuning into nature’s rhythms also tends to be easier whenever the sensitive Moon is in earthy Taurus. Most beings, animals, children, women and some sensitive men, which can include the divinely empowered masculine function well – albeit subconsciously – within the monthly lunar cycle and its’ regular windows of opportunity. The Moonwise tend to note how and when energy levels rise and fall, and how our own bodies’ and emotions and reactions also wave, ebb and flow, all in tune with our personal lunar tides within an ever-changing Moon cycle, of which we all uniquely resonate.  

Indeed, it is only when we are truly in tune with the Moon – and therefore our own emotional flow - is it really possible to connect to our most personal and subtle soul vibration, that part of our being which resonates at once with the three times, currently profoundly receptive to our past, most recent and ancestral; and to the future mission to show care and compassion.

With the Soul of the Earth presently stimulated by both a wonderfully exalted Taurus Moon, and intense Scorpio Sun-Mercury connection, all in helpful astral alliances to Saturn/Pluto, we witness all that is currently being revealed, transformed and released. Ultimately, this exalted Full Taurus Moon reveals how the power of love coupled with the power of renewal revives heart and soul.

11:11 ~> Growing Magical Moonbeams
A growing Full Moon is considered to be a most powerful and magical phase, marked by a lightness of heart and emotional confidence. With a Taurus Full Moon in the best possible sign for the grace of the Moon to glow: in sensual, earthy Taurus, Bullish desire and aspiration towards the Light of Love grows a steady pace. Though Taurus likes a sure and slow path to enjoy fields of clover, when the Moon conjuncts Uranus on the exact degree of the Moon’s 3° exaltation, on the day of the 11:11 master number (i.e. not just the best sign to be in, but the very best degree for the Moon to be in on this numerically special day) a quick and sudden change in tempo could call for swift and caring, compassion in action. 

Remember: just before the Full Moon it is often an idealistic phase; there’s an edge, as certain things are not yet fully complete. Remain open, with a willingness to work with others. Humanitarian Uranus with the Moon invites us to hold a clear image in our mind of an ethical future: one where it's no longer just a feeling inside, you but an actuality.

✰Also bear in mind that while certain personal issues – mindful finance, altruistic love and healthy body consciousness continue to increase through (digital) awareness over the coming years. And it may now actually be too soon to again try to repeat recent failed experiments or rebellions and it may be best to either wait or reassess with a new Moon January 25th and the start of the speculative and busy year of the White Metal Rat.

Changes instigated Oct 28th’s New Moon may, however, now require certain moderation during this Mercury Retrograde lunation (with a note that Mercury goes forward 20th November).  As well as finding one’s place within potentially volatile collective vacillations at a truly symbolic time.

One day before the culminating Moon in Taurus, healer-trickster-brother Mercury is revealed to seen from earth (emerging from his Scorpionic Bat cave, wearing winged boots and waving his magical caduceus wand optional) to dramatically cross the Sun on November 11th 2019, which is Armistice Day, to make an extremely RARE transit of Mercury passing between Earth and Sun. This means for six hours we could (clear sky permitting) actually see this historic union of heart and mind, exactly conjunct @15:19UT.

This crossing only happens 13 times a century; the last was 2016, before that 1999; the next is 2032 – quite a while away. And with incredibly pertinent timing Mercury, planet of the mind, is with the Sun in Scorpio, in the sign of death and renewal, on the very day when we in the western world purposefully think about - and honour - all those who have died at war.

Here at Astro Dakini's Dharma Stars, we align with many others sending good thoughts to all those who gave their lives in all war, most especially the two World Wars, for peace, freedom and love to flourish.  Interestingly, from the perspective of the school of psychological astrology, this Retrograde Scorpio Mercury takes on the role of ‘psychopomp’, guiding departing souls from one world to the next with ease and agility: may all those gone beyond be at peace.

When quick thinking Mercury conjoins the Scorpio Sun, the planet of communication aligns deeply heart and mind to examine life’s sometimes difficult topics: taxes, shared ventures, sexual intimacy, as well as death and rebirth. This conjunction also denotes a special kind of insight, a sharp and precise extra-sensory perception that is able to penetrate with x-ray vision through any obscuration, to see any situation and hidden treasure clearly.

This extra-cosmic extra-sensory awareness on offer also requires a well-understood, impartial view as a starting point in any pertinent situation. If you don’t have a balanced view, one could easily miss the moment by being wrapped-up in nonsense and distraction, and remain in the dark about certain murky subjects.

Luckily, dynamic Mars is currently in the sign of intellectual harmony, peaceful Libra. Though debilitated in the sign of the scales, warrior Mars in diplomatic Libra provides that balanced view with an all-knowing air. Mars in Libra tends to be suave, debonair, cultured; a bit like James Bond taking time out to with his Dry Martini, shaken not stirred. And, at the exact moment of this Exalted Taurus Full Moon’s culmination, it is worthy of note that Mars is the leading planet of a locomotive shaped Full Moon horoscope, giving a seriously smooth-talker the heavenly lead to diplomatically announce proceedings.      

12:11 ~> Full Moon Culmination with Asteroid Vesta
With Asteroid Vesta, ‘Goddess of the Hearth’, kindling love and providing virtue and support in these degenerate times, she amplifies Luna’s creative fertility at culmination. This can also be a time of an intense scrutiny into health and wealth, privacy and security, in relationship, both personal and shared. 

‘The Lights‘, Sun and Moon now strengthen associations to Saturn and Pluto, the authoritative planets which have rather fittingly symbolised the current power hunger from certain people – and now the internet of things. The long-term scheme of the Saturn and Pluto in their 35-year cycle comes to a head around the January 10th Lunar Eclipse. How we personally work with the changes to traditional structures, as they continue to transform, will depend upon how much we have learned from what might have seemed ambitious if not practical, way back when (1984).

This then, is a ‘Focus Full Moon’, and one not to rush. Whether alone, in delicious Taurean’ style at one with nature - or ensconced in one-to-one, family, or even at work within a group endeavour, during this Sun conjunct Mercury, opposite the exalted Full Taurean Moon conjunct Vesta; take time now and centre upon what we care about, and to dig deep, do our Mercury Retrograde research, and make sure we understand what we see, recognising that we are also in some way or another, an interconnected part of all life. 

At the same time, avoid indulging too much emotional introspection for fear of being unrealistically self-judgemental.  Instead, be aware how Vesta brings added stability to a Taurean and sensually charged Mother Goddess hub. She shows how family devotion ought not to alienate personal needs for intimacy and comfort. 

13:11 ~> Planning a Bull’s Eye
The third and final night of this Full Moon sees Luna look up from a cosy nest, ahead into the future, creating strategies with a clear view of our aims. Without getting attached to outcomes, Venus, the ruler of Taurus in freedom-loving Sagittarius, teaches love is not a feeling to be trapped or bound. Because when we feel expansive we are more likely to hit targets, be inspired, and endure difficulties with philosophical optimism. Just make sure your view is correct, and that you’re not totally operating from a purely self-centred point-of-view, otherwise you may just find your world is very small; indeed it may not even exist how you imagined.

A last celestial contact to note, as the Moon wanes (hopefully not too exhausted) and meets a newly suggested dwarf planet, Hygeia.  Hygeia’s symbol in the horoscope is a Kundalini Snake Wand, the Caduceus, which gives us a clue as to her influence. Note: now at 8 Gemini, the sign ruled by Mercury, fellow healer, who also wields a magical caduceus. Check where and what kind of wheeler-dealer mind-healing is newly taking place in your scope at 8Gemini. 

Welcome Hygeia! Daughter of Asclepius*, medicine man who cured through herbs, dreams, water, and (kundalini) snake medicine! Thus Hygeia is the nurse who knows how to soothe and apply the bandage, the Matron dwarf-planet, gifted with hands-on healing. This therapeutic Goddess of hygiene and cleanliness is currently urging us to clean-up the way we problem-solve, as well as how we communicate within our community. And so this Moon cycle closes with a message of truth and freedom, and how the healing magic even stronger when love radiates in all directions. 

The next Full Moon 12th December also brings enchantment to the fore.
Plan on it.

Until then: be the love!

With best wishes from Astro Dakini
Aka Laura Boomer-Trent

‘Love is the only force capable of turning an enemy into a friend’ ~ Martin Luther King
*Asclepius is associated with Ophiuchus , the constellation in which the Medicine Man holds a snake and whose foot dips into the ecliptic to become a contentious ‘13th sign’ between November 30 and December 18th (when Saturnalia begins!).

Any astral argument about signs of the zodiac is allayed Solstice December 21st with the rebirth of the New Light King. Be aware however, this year’s Boxing Day annular Solar Eclipse, December 26th, is the most natural New Moon start to a New Year, in what is shaping up to be a decidedly interesting 2020! 

β„’β„΄Ρ΅β„― & Many thanks to unknown painter for Triple Moon Goddess _(*)_
And for Tibetan tricoloured Gankyil ~> Wheel of Joy

Saturday 12 October 2019

✫ Chaos inspires the Dancing Star

Full Moon 20°Aries 13th October @21:07UT

The above title is for the initial impression of a lively and vital, intrepid Full Aries Moon horoscope – one that constellates so many different areas of life; it comes from a quote written by 19thCentury existential philosopher Fredrich Nietzsche, who says in full “You must still have chaos within your soul to give birth to a Dancing Star”. ‘To give birth’ symbolises bringing forth a creative project, heralding joy with a crowning moment announcing the entrance of something or someone dashing, new and exciting. The thrilling and new are also arenas in which an Aries Full Moon thrives, enticing the (self) competitive to be at the vanguard of any mission, particularly those that have a cause to champion.

Over this rather stimulating Full Aries Moon that mission is multi-layered, multi-dimensional and multi-stranded, with a Grand Cross and Grand Trine in the horoscope. Throughout the three-day Full Moon period (12-13-14th Oct) we would do well to guard against negative emotions such as envy, anger or spite, especially if or when standing up for self and/or others, at the same time providing copious amounts of strength and care, warmth and inspiration – particularly when birthing interstellar moonwalkers.

We also need to keep our wits about us as soulful chaos now demands a creative outlet, implied by that intriguing Nietzsche quote. But what does it really mean to ‘still have chaos in one’s soul?’ How does such inferred unruliness lead to the ‘dazzling cosmic hoe down’? Is chaos (theory) naturally inherent at the point of creativity for everyone, or just a few, at certain times? Indeed, is soulful chaos Goddess-given, inherited, or self-created; i.e. does it come from outside events and situations, or from inside by never-ending thoughts that hippety-hop on nerves and overwhelming emotion? From the astrological point of view, one wonders if chaos even comes in cycles. (Answer: yes, it does.) But, perhaps more importantly, what kind of astral advice do the heavens offer now when chaos abounds even in places one would expect good governance, law and order?  

Well, when an impulsive, initiating, and potentially innocuous Full Aries Moon is conjunct a transpluto dwarf outer-planet ‘Eris’, everything simply changes. Even the children know that we need to swiftly ditch the naivety, and be aware how karma expands and how, during the initiating moments of onset, with any new thought, word or deed, there is a vibration created that magically ripples out into the world to affect the future – for good or bad. I say this now because dark angel Eris is no ordinary planet: she is none other than the ‘Goddess of Discord and Lawlessness’ (the Roman ‘Discordia’) and sister to Ares, God of War. In reality, she is someone most would prefer not to invoke or mess around with; reiterating the request to be careful about what we personally set into karmic motion, and to be brave when who or what we might meet in the midst of any turmoil is an awesome combination of Xena Warrior Princess and Melisandre.

With such strong Full Moon symbolism, one would be correct in suspecting a collective Erisian ‘commotion’ in her various chaotic guises to be currently felt by almost everyone, in one form or another. Whether its political confusion, or familial, work, or relationship madness getting the better of your natural equilibrium, now is the time to assess the balance of power, as well as the struggles and injustice that imbalance creates. (So please try to be kind (to yourself) and avoid that which riles.) With the Sun AND Mars both in harmonious, peaceful and just Libra, there is every chance that over this Full Moon we can negotiate and deal with those with whom we feel have wronged us, as best and as fairly as we can. 

Nonetheless, unruly Eris is a tricky planet to contend with. While only recently discovered (2006), she symbolises harnessing the outrageous defiant power of the feminine and the outsider’s struggle for survival. Those with (personal) planets between 17-23° of leading cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn - are currently most challenged by this fierce feminine, Eris, in tremendous ways that can dramatically empower or drastically disempower (the pompous, thoughtless and arrogant). Certain (collective) injustices could hark back to the years 1982-3 …1990, and 2001; people born in those years may well now be heeding a call to action, or a need to speak out against personal injury and/or collective inequity. Good luck, and note how you have a better chance to complete the mission when you stay on centre. 

At Full Moon culmination, the poised Libra Sun opposite a wild Full Aries Moon-Eris is in direct hard ’T-Square’ (90°) to Pluto and Saturn; and the latter planet at home, doubling authoritative Capricorn influence. Both Saturn and controlling Pluto still have ties with the karmic South Node, opposite the Cancer North Node, forming a wide ‘Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun’; continuing to alert us to difficult past (life) activity that requires a steady release, redress and reform. 

Still, the Moonwise are aware there is only ever the moment of ‘now’, as the past is gone and the future is yet to come: and besides, staying in the now keeps you in your own fractal flow. Acknowledging ordinary life is back on track, however, and in a serious semblance of order, will probably take a little longer, plus commitment and patience; the results of which could be nicely realised by the January 2020 Full Moon, when Sun is at the same place as Saturn and Pluto are now – and Goddess Eris is once again a strategic player in the climax of a planetary play about karmic inheritance, responsibility, shared power and resources. Heads up: 2020 comes on the wings of several strong female archetypes that do not put up with any BS. Eris is but one.

It’s also worth noting here that Eris is an outer planet with a massive time frame of influence, and an orbit that takes just over half a century to circle Sun (557 years). Its’ widely elliptical path means there are times when ‘disorder, strife and chaos’ stay longer in some signs than others. And, wouldn’t you know it, punky Goth Eris’s passage through Aries is a long transit, taking 122 years to pass through the sign of the oft impatient and child-like, head-butting Ram. This dark shadow Madam won’t even get to Taurus until 2048. Maybe that will be the time when the Goddess really rages in defence of Earthy Taurean values (love, land, money). It also means everyone born after 1926 – which is the majority of Spaceship Earth’s inhabitants – have Eris in Aries to contend with in his or her horoscope. Yet only those who have personal planets (e.g. Sun or Moon) may be cosmically bound to sense, feel and live with her intensity daily. 

In Aries, Eris struggles with personal physical survival, as she devours our own sense of self, identity and childish egos with a warring disposition that create ferocious chaos and disorder – with great swathes of incarnating souls discovering the battlefield is not outside oneself but actually within their own mind. Ultimately aware there is no separation of self from others, yet remaining true to his or her own individual, relative self, within soul families and soul groups, by feeling the personal power of presence as naturally light and rousing is not always easy.

From the Buddhist point of view working with shadowy and difficult energies, it is when we learn to tolerate, love, and be compassionate towards everyone and everything, including our darkest demons, they then naturally (and eventually) transform into light – and love, and become pleasing to live with.   

So while this Aries Full Moon is fuelled by rebellious Eris, those who crave lovely Libran gatherings that exude classic culture with timeless beauty, where considered diplomacy is forged with intellectual vigour in stylish salons and manicured gardens: these are the very same parties to which others, especially the outsiders, should also be invited to. Snobbishness is a Libran trait, it is true, but no one should now be excluded from a Full Moon blast of Cardinal Cross consciousness and fun, lest there should be trouble.

Because this is a Full Aries Moon in which the spotlight is upon new beginnings, we could also receive a timely reminder how we always have a choice: to be spiritually conscious – or not. From a personal point of view, look to the Libra Sun (and check where it is now in your scope) to see who or what helps weigh up pros and cons for any new starts. 

Fortunately for everyone at this Full Moon, the planet that gives hope, optimism and perspective, the far-seeing cosmic sage, Jupiter, makes fabulous connections to both Sun and Moon, with an easy ‘sextile’ and helpful ‘trine’ respectively. Jupiter is the planet to synthesise the qualities of this powerful Full Moon moment, due to its esoteric connections to the Cardinal Cross and Central Spiritual Sun, as Jupiter also now approaches the Galactic Centre. These associations certainly boost confidence to learn as much as you can and, if you haven’t already, get everything together (in these next few months) that you need to know in order to birth the dancing star and or stand up to speak one’s piece; making sure you are in the right place talking the right people if you do have something helpful to say, not ranting on the interwebs. 

Remember Mercury is going retrograde at the end of the month – on Halloween! All kinds of hidden thoughts, secrets and agreements will necessitate a reword and rework during this sacred time of hallowed souls and saints, when the veils between upper and lower worlds are thinnest. This is also when the Scorpionic Mercury becomes an access-all-areas psychopomp, as messenger to the Gods, bargaining deals from the underworld. Mercury retrogrades just days after a New Scorpio Moon Oct 28th, from 31st October until November 20th. Take note: during this time it may be best to play certain cards close to your chest

Also of interest in this Full Moon scope is a delightful ‘Grand Water Trine’ between fated North Node in Cancer, Evening Star Venus and heavenly courier Mercury in Scorpio, all the while oceanic Neptune is conjunct Black Moon Lilith in Pisces. This Water Trine tells us more about depth of feeling, as well as providing a purifying healing channel for souls who encounter crisis when fashioning his or her own creative project.

Brilliantly, Venus and Mars are both irresistible, now in mutual reception, meaning ‘the relationship planets’ get along even though they are not at their best (as Mars is in detriment in Libra (no swashbuckling in the law courts) and bright and shiny Venus is in detriment in Scorpio (due to her currently intense and magnetic strange attractions). Although, it is a seductive Venus who calls the shots in Mars’ domain; active Mars is in Venusian Libran realms, seeking to keep the peace. And this is rather promising, because Mars is a the head of the locomotive shaped chart, making him the leader of the entire horoscope. Acting like a suave Bond, Mars holds out an olive branch whilst heralding the peaceful and harmonising, cool and calm Libran Sun.

Venus, as the ruler of Libra, is also currently opposite Uranus, the ‘Agent of Change’ (which is always a major participant in the Cardinal Cross), again illustrating how freedom in relationship can bizarrely create closeness: by letting love fly, it will also come back, time and time again. Know that if you hold on too tight you’re in danger of hurting the very same ones you love.

Breakthroughs come when the Moon conjoins Uranus, just as Luna begins to wane on the 15th, towards a Halloween New Scorpio Moon that marks the Fixed Cross Quarter Fire festival, when passion is strong and insight sharp and clear. 

A last but not least mention for the Sun in Venus-ruled Libra, as Venusian blessings now come from the East, as this Full Moon is also ‘Laxmi Purnima’. Laxmi is the Vedic Goddess of wealth and abundance; leading to Diwali on the 28th Oct and the Eastern Festival Light. This New Moon is also start of the Pagan New Year.

And with that I wish you all a joyous Full Moon with abundant good health, wealth and happiness. 

With love & light and thanks to unknown artist for BuddhaFractalBrot
from Astro Dakini

πŸ™πŸ’–⭐️πŸŒ•☀️ #87
aka Laura Boomer-Trent