Saturday, 5 December 2015

Truth & Beauty ~> _/\_ Dakini Day blessings 5- 6th December ~>

☼ ✶ ☽ In Tibetan astrology it is noted that on the 25th day of the lunar cycle, when Sun and Moon make their last important aspect before a New Moon (Dec 10-11th), feminine receptivity and wisdom is at her most powerful and insightful.This day is therefore named ‘Dakini day’ in honour of the Sacred Goddess (who resides within us all). 
☼ ✶ ☽ Today is also the last Dakini Day of 2015, just before (the North’s Winter) Solstice, the longest night/day of the year (depending upon which hemisphere you are in), making it a time of profound reflection before the Sun changes emphasis of light on the 22nd December, when the light grows in Earth's North, and diminishes in the Southern hemisphere. 
☼ ✶ ☽ With the waning Moon in harmonious peaceful Libra, now positioned to activate Spirit Sun in philosophical Sagittarius, there’s a concentrated essence of yin. Yin's sensitive, earthy darkness encourages us retreat into gentle female compassion.The Goddess is always aware of the plight of others; she holds feminine principles which soften our hearts, all the while still being able to care for others who are suffering or in pain. 
☼ ✶ ☽ Keep close the qualities of the Red Goddess – love, kindness and generosity – in your heartmind because the next few weeks could be quite stimulating, if not challenging – just at the time when rest - due to the approach of the longest night - is needed.  Note: early nights won’t go amiss to make the most of an awakening.

☼ ✶ ☽ Today is also Lama Tsongkhapa day, celebrating the founder of Ganden Monastery and Tibetan Galugpa tradition.
Wishing everyone a very happy Dakini Day! With many thanks to Christina Birch - click name for web site, talented artist, for beautiful Red Goddess. ॐ_/♥\_ ॐ_/♥\_ॐ_/♥\_

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